Top 10 Use Cases 🔥

#1 Core Translation Workflows

Blackbird revolutionizes the way users manage translation projects, offering unparalleled flexibility and automation. Our innovative workflows, affectionately known as 'Birds,' streamline every phase of language and content operations. With Blackbird, the journey from document preparation to translation, followed by editing, proofreading, and quality assurance, becomes a seamless and integrated process. Blackbird offers universal support for XLIFF and Okapi Framework.

#2 TMS-TMS Interoperability

Enjoy the flexibility of working within your preferred translation environment while allowing your clients, vendors, and partners the freedom to use their tools of choice. Language Service Providers (LSPs) can effortlessly receive tasks in one Translation Management System (TMS A) and transition them to another (TMS B) without losing access to essential resources such as translation memories, glossaries, and style guides. Enterprises can collaborate with multiple vendors using diverse tools, maintaining complete control over their translation processes and assets. Blackbird supports XLIFF, TBX and other open standards.

#3 Automated MTPE

Blackbird offers comprehensive integrations with four types of applications that are equipped to provide MTQE (Machine Translation Quality Estimation) functionalities. 1.) Standalone apps that specialize on MTQE: ModelFront and TAUS Estimate API. 2.) MT apps that offer API endpoints providing MTQE functionality: Language Weaver and ModernMT. 3.) Large Language Model APIs that support MTQE via various prompting techniques: Anthropic Claude, OpenAI GPT4, Cohere, etc. 4.) Hugging Face which serves the function of implementing custom machine learning models, some of which can focus on MTQE, like models from Unbabel.

#4 Analytics-led Workflows 📊

Elevate your localization strategy with cutting-edge analytics! Wave goodbye to overspending (or underspending) and say hello to data-driven decisions and outcome-driven localization! Blackbird users can tap into a diverse range of key performance indicators from multiple analytics sources, enabling a decision-making process for the most suitable workflow for each type of content.

#5 Multimedia Localization 🎬

Blackbird is uniquely equipped to support multimedia — our core platform supports large files and strings (tested up to a whopping 50GB), and we have deep partnerships with market leaders like Captionhub.

AI voice-over, powered by advanced speech synthesis, is another powerful option on Blackbird. We offer fast, high-quality, and cost-effective synthetic voice-over and dubbing, including services from Amazon, ElevenLabs, Microsoft or OpenAI. Text-to-speech (TTS) processes can be fully automated and orchestrated.

#6 Glossary Interoperability

Blackbird offers a powerful but simple approach to unchain glossaries – to make them agnostic. Our users can  take a terminology source of truth like term bases in memoQ or glossaries in deepL and use these assets in other applications, independent of the parent (host) apps. Glossaries become decoupled, and can be injected into LLM prompts as optional input values. Our  framework for glossary interoperability also enables TMS-TMS, MT-MT, MT-TMS glossary interoperability.

#7 Payment Automation 🤖

Automating payments between business management systems (BMS) like Plunet or XTRF, and best-of-breed fintech applications like Wise is easier than ever. Blackbird offers comprehensive automation for payments and all related BMS processes, including steps requiring human oversight. Send tailored notifications via Outlook, Teams, or Slack. Add CFO-in-the-loop! Batch payments? Easier than ever!

#8 Connect to Anything 🔗

Our motto is: “Integrate anything. Automate everything!” Blackbird can connect to anything with an API, including full support of all types of API architectures/protocols (REST, SOAP, GraphQL,etc.) Today, Blackbird offers pre-built integrations to almost 100 apps. We call these Public Apps – these are immediately available to our users after their first log-in to Blackbird. See all Blackbird Public Apps >> Blackbird was built with extendibility and scalability in mind - with our SDK, users can also create their custom (private) applications and use them in Birds to orchestrate any workflow!

#9 Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is a strategic approach in business that maximizes the value of existing material by adapting and reusing it across different platforms and formats. Blackbird enables users to connect with AI tools such as Amazon Bedrock, AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Hugging Face, OpenAI, or Stability AI, facilitating the repurposing of content for diverse audiences across multiple touchpoints and media types. Content can be sourced either from a Translation Management System (TMS) or directly from a Content Management System (CMS).

#10 Language Quality

Blackbird’s tight integration with ContentQuo supports quality evaluation metrics with a grade and a quality score. As Blackbird supports nonlinear orchestration actions such as ‘decisions’ (true/false), it’s possible to route workflows based on quality score – a very powerful option. LQA processes can also be extended to include large language models and other AI-tools.

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