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Rinaldo Dieziger, WE ARE VERY

“Blackbird.io allows WE ARE VERY to connect and integrate with all major tools in the localization industry, orchestrate workflows, and automate production for multilingual global content.”

Didzis Grauss, Owner, Native Localization

Didzis Grauss, Native

“Blackbird.io allows us to level the playing field when it comes to localization technology. Native sees huge value in both using Blackbird as a connector as well as a way to create new and custom-tailored localization products. Having this software as the backbone of our architecture allows us not only to offer routine services, but also respond immediately to an emerging trend, an issue, or a need for a solution.”

Didzis Grauss, Owner, Native Localization

Brian McConnell, Notion

"We chose Blackbird.io as an integration tool to aggregate information from several systems we use to localize our application and customer touch points. Like most companies, this information resides in several different systems that don't communicate with each other. We had a choice of tasking in house engineers with building and maintaining these integrations (expensive, and not a good use of scarce engineering resources), or using a tool like Blackbird.io at a fraction of the cost and effort."

Britta Aagaard, Semantix

"Blackbird.io will enable many companies to develop their business model beyond translation."

Kirti Vashee, Translated

“Blackbird.io represents a shift to open orchestration and an ending of closed, archaic TMS systems that trap and lock customer data in low-value silos. "

Paul Barlow, ex-Acolad, AWGS

“As Blackbird continues to evolve, I see endless possibilities for it to continue to be a game changer in our industry. It is not just a very smart and sophisticated enabling/connecting platform, it has business growth at its heart. I truly believe that Blackbird will help level the playing field and enable every business owner to compete no matter what the size of their company by building connections seamlessly and cheaply to help drive that business in a much more efficient manner. That is a huge leg up to any business out there.”

Meinrad Reiterer, Meinrad

„As a boutique LSP serving regulated industries, MEINRAD has always been attaching great importance to cutting-edge technology. What we’ve been missing, though, was the ability to quickly and easily connect to various content creation systems used by many of our customers. Blackbird.io is providing exactly that: an easy and robust way to connect our TMS/BMS to a huge number of different systems, with basically no coding and minimum setup effort. Working with the Blackbird team has been a truly joyful experience: they always reply instantly, fix bugs immediately, and are very helpful and supportive. With Blackbird.io, we are able to provide our customers with even smoother translation workflows and offer them AI-assisted, tailor-made solutions around all of their translation needs.”

Mark Jones, Comtec

“Blackbird’s vast range of apps enables Comtec, as a medium-sized LSP, to increase our connectivity and for us to be technology-agnostic whilst allowing us to connect to the existing tools that we use, including our in-house project management system. Having this flexibility means that we can be at the forefront of innovating the technology that we offer our clients and to scale up solutions quickly. Their technical expertise has also allowed us to broaden the scope of our work and identify new opportunities. We are really excited about what 2024 will bring as we grow our partnership.”

Bruno Hermann, LT-Innovate

“Blackbird.io fits very nicely in what I consider as the future of the industry, i.e. elevating it in and enabling it with a robust and scalable architecture.”

Arle Lommel, CSA Research

"Generative AI – and AI more generally – has created an arms race for LSPs. Companies that are able to master it and automate will have an advantage in the marketplace. Some LSP clients have told us that it requires an annual technology budget of at least US$1 million today to begin to compete in the AI arena, but Blackbird.io promises to reduce this burden considerably. (...) Any tools that democratize AI will be a boon to the language industry. And by providing connectors to many applications, Blackbird.io can help LSPs and enterprise localization teams in the Post-Localization Era where everything must be connected and language is just one of the many transformations through which content must pass on its journey from creator to audience."

Adam Bittlingmayer, Modelfront

"We're happy to see the emergence of a platform like Blackbird.io that makes it easy to combine tools for more efficient translation. For example, if Google Analytics detects that a page is getting popular, then let ModelFront detect which machine-translated segments on that page require human post-editing, to send them to a human translation service.  The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed."

Rosa Lopez, Plunet

“At Plunet we want to enable our clients to become technologically advanced language service providers, which means integrations with other systems is a crucial part of our solution. Blackbird.io helps making this easier by providing a low-code platform that integrates external systems and enabling integrations that were not easily possible before.”

Cameron Rasmusson, MultiLingual Magazine

"Intelligent applications utilize AI and connected data to enable more personalized and contextually relevant experiences. Rather than separate analytics tools, insights are seamlessly infused into workflows to guide smarter decisions. Blackbird.io exemplifies this by integrating consumer analytics to automatically customize localization strategies per content item."

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