We are on a mission to connect everything.

We enable integration, automation and seamless analytics between the apps, data, content, participants and devices used for localization and globalization management.​

Behind the bird

Blackbirds are migratory birds connecting vast ecosystems. They transcend continents and natural obstacles like seas, oceans and mountains. ​

Blackbird brings the magic of the no-code/low-code and citizen automation movement to the language industry, empowering project managers and content creators to design and implement complex, automated workflows with simplicity.​

Behind the bird

Our vision

Blackbird goes beyond connecting applications, data and content within an organization. It can also connect organizations into networks - e.g. the end-clients who create the content with multiple vendors who provide the localization services.​

Reduce data silos
Blackbird makes it easy to integrate and share data between apps and organizations participating in a value-chain.​
Enable End-to-End Process Automation
Blackbird simplifies the integration process using low-code technology and features, facilitating the seamless exchange of data between applications, and reducing IT complexity.
Improve decision making
Manual data entry processes inhibit effective decision-making. Stakeholders lack access to real-time data and often have to rely on inaccurate information. Blackbird closes the gap between data entry and decision-making.
Allow focus on high-value tasks
Blackbird eliminates the need to commit engineering capacity to create APIs and integrations. Software engineers and localization leaders can have more time to focus on performing the high-value tasks that they were primarily hired to do.​

A global team working on a global problem

At Blackbird, you'll help build the new automation backbone for localization industry. We believe in autonomy, remote work, and the power of automation.

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