Better integration
for the language industry

We are building a new automation backbone for the language technology industry. Blackbird provides enterprise-scale automation and orchestration with a simple no-code/low-code platform.

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Automate Like it's 2023

Connect. Automate. Bring Ecosystems To Life.

Integration Platform As a Service
Blackbird is not only software or “SaaS”. It’s a platform: a set of software and a surrounding ecosystem of resources that helps you to grow your business.
Say bye-bye to point-to-point
P2P is the simplest form of integration, but it can be costly and introduce technical debt with a complex spaghetti architecture that is hard to manage and change. iPaaS is an ideal solution for all integration needs.
Designed for Change
Blackbird goes beyond predefined capabilities. You can address existing use cases AND later leverage the underlying architecture to build new connectors and recipes that solve for future use cases.

Take work out of the workflow

Maximum Automation. Maximum Connectivity.

Pre-built Connectors

Connectors out of the box

Integrate anything. Automate everything.

Machine translation
Marketing & CRM
Storage & Sync
Software & Code
Pre-built Connectors

Connect whatever you need

Blackbird is rolling out the red carpet with a constant stream of Public Apps. If we don’t yet have an app pre-built, you can choose to build it yourself - using Blackbird's SDK. Our framework reduces development time for a custom app from weeks to hours!

Support for RESTful and SOAP APIs
Import OpenAPI specifications
Authenticate with tokens or OAuth 2.0
Extend and customize our pre-built connectors
Pre-built Connectors

Visual Workflow Editor

Save engineering time and headache and build any automation. For your organization or for your client. Focus on designing the best workflows, and let Blackbird handle the rest.

Streamline business logic via our Bird Editor
Integrate any number of applications into a new workflow and automate entire processes
Run workflows on-demand, trigger from  events, or set on a schedule
Integrate apps and automate processes yourself using a visual design canvas
Add non-linear steps like loops, branches, delays and other advanced conditions
Pre-built Connectors


Blackbird enables ambitious organizations to identify, vet and automate as many processes as possible. Not just localization workflows, but any business and IT process.